Opus Clip Alternative (Free & Paid) 2024

Do you know? More than 50% of social media marketers use short videos in their marketing. 

Short videos are trending all over the internet, almost all types of creators have now started making short videos along with long videos.

If you are a creator who makes long videos and doesn’t have time to make short videos, Opus Clip is for you. 

Opus Clipn analyzes your long video and automatically makes viral clips from it.

Isn’t it amazing?

But in this blog, I’ve listed some of the best Opus Clip alternatives that help you to make videos.

Without any further delay, let’s jump into it.

Opus Clip Overview (Opus Pro)

Opus Clip AI powered Video Repurposing min

Opus Clip is an OpenAI powered best AI video clipping tool that repurposes long videos in short viral clips in just a single click.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro technical expert anyone can use it because of its simple easy to use interface. 

You don’t need to do hassle, just in a single click you can extract viral clips and share them all across your social media accounts.

Opus Clip Alternative (Hand Picked)

Here are some of the best Opus Clip alternatives that you can try.

opus clip alternative

1. FlexClip

Online Video Editor Make Videos for Free FlexClip min

FlexClip is the best Opus Clip alternative in this list. You will be impressed with its powerful video editor that allows you to do advanced editing like speed curve, chroma key, freeze frame, and more.

Their interface is so easy to use that any beginner can easily use it and make a professional high-quality video

Here are some of the top features of FlexClip;

Video Editing –  Frame Video, Video Compressor, Video Collage, Video Effects, Video Trimmer, Speed Curve, Freeze Frame, Screen Recorder, Video Merger, Reverse Video, Video Converter, and Chroma Key.

AI – AI Background Remover, AI Text to Video, AI Blog to Video, AI Auto Subtitle, AI Image Generator, AI Translator, AI Video Script, and AI Text to Speech.

Text – Video to Text, Add Text to GIF, Text Animations, Audio to Text, Add Subtitle to Video, and Add Text to Video.

Audio – Audio Editor, Audio Converter, Audio Joiner, Add Music to Video, Audio Cutter, and Ringtone Maker.

Image – Photo Frame, Slideshow Maker, YouTube Thumbnail Maker, Transparent Image Maker, GIF Maker, and Meme Generator.

FlexClip is a great option, you should give it a try.

FlexClip PlansMonthly PricingAnnual Pricing

2. Klap

Klap Turn videos into viral shorts min

Klap is just Opus Clip, I love its simplicity. Klap is very easy to use, you just need to enter a YouTube video link and it will automatically create ready-to-publish short videos for all TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Over 350K creators from all over the world use Klap to extract viral clips from a long YouTube video, it can save hours of time and make your viral.

Some of the Klap’s features are here;

Engaging Captions – This will automatically generate highly engaging captions for your short videos.

AI Editing – Their AI analyzes your video and extracts the best topics from the video and automatically edits them into short clips that can go viral.

Auto Reframing – You don’t even need to reframe your video, they use AI face detection to automatically reframe it into the center.

Customization – You can customize everything in your videos such as fonts, frames, colors, and etc.

Tools – Video trimmer, video cropping, resizing video, translating video, and etc.

Klap is also the best AI clip generation tool, you can try it.

Klap Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing
Klap Pro$79$63.2
Klap Pro Plus$1899$151.2

3. Submagic

Submagic Generate Amazing AI Captions min

Submagic is an AI short video editing software that can transform raw short videos into a viral and engaging video.

They use Artificial Intelligence to add viral effects such as automatic zoom, viral captions, and etc to make videos engaging.

Using Submagic is easy, if you are a business, creator, or anyone who makes short vide can use it to save time.

Some features of Submagic are;

Captions – AI will automatically add trendy captions into video.

Sound Effects – Add sound effects to make the video engaging.

Background Music – Background music is important, you can add it in one click.

B-Roll – It will generate stock videos with artificial intelligence.

Description – You can boost the reach of the video by adding a description.

Auto-Cut – It will automatically trim the silent parts of videos.

Images & GIFs – AI will automatically add GIFs and images.

Auto-Zoom – Add zoom-in and zoom-out effects strategically to videos that too automatically.

Transitions – AI will add trending transitions to make your video viral.

Give Submagic a try.

Submagic Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing

4. Vidyo AI

vidyo.ai Get Viral Clips with Our Video AI Repurposing Platform min

Vidyo AI is another popular short clip maker AI tool loved by over 2M+ creators, podcasters,

and marketers from around the globe.

You can edit videos like your favorite creators like Alex Hormozi, Garyvee, and Grand Cardone using AI. The best part is that you don’t need to do anything manually, just their viral templates and you are ready to blow up on social media.

Here are some best features of Vidyo AI.

Video Clipping – This feature helps to create short clips without any hassle.

Intelliclips –  Its AI removes all the unnecessary pauses and filler words.

B-rolls Library – They have B-rolls for almost every situation and scene.

Instant Video Resizing – With this feature, you can resize your video into landscape, portrait, square, and others to post the video on multiplatform.

Social Media Templates – You can explore customizable templates for all primary social media platforms and grow your presence.

Auto-video Captioning – Its powerful AI automatically adds engaging captions to your videos.

Virality Predictor – You can check the virality score of your video and post it on social media.

You should try Vidyo AI.

Vidyo AI Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing
Custom$75 – $150$60 – $90

5. Vizard AI

Create social ready videos with AI instantly Vizard.ai min

Vizard AI is a robust short video generator AI too and the best Opus Clip alternative that will make 30+ viral clips from your one long-form video in just one click.

It is used by more than 2M+ creators and businesses such as Google, Stanford University, K12, and more.

With the magic of Virzard AI, you can make viral clips from any type of long video for all of your social media accounts within minutes.

Some features of Vizard AI are here;

Video Editing – Add image to video, Add text to video, Automatic video editor, Clip maker, Crop video, Repurpose video, Resize video, Video splitter, and Video trimmer. 

Subtitle & Transcription – Subtitle editor, Dictation software, Video to text, Video translator, Auto subtitle generator, Podcast transcription, Video caption generator, and Al podcast clip generator.

Use Cases – Facebook video editor, Instagram video editor, Twitch editor, TikTok video editor, YouTube clip maker, YouTube Shorts maker, YouTube video editor, Instagram Reel maker, Podcast editor, and Twitter video maker.

Vizard AI Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing

6. Pictory AI

Pictory Easy Video Creation For EVERYONE min

Pictory AI is also one of the best Opus Clip alternatives. You don’t need any video editing experience to use it because you can make highly engaging videos with the power of artificial intelligence.

You can also transform long form videos into short clips for your social media. 

It is loved by thousands of creators from all over the world and the best part is that it is the most affordable and highly rated AI video tool with great features and reliability.

Feature of Pictory AI that you should know;

AI Video Editor – Script To Video, Blog To Video, Add Music To Video, Image to Video, and Text To Video.

AI Video Generator – Script To Video Generator, Caption Generator, Subtitle Generator, AI Music Video Generator, ChatGPT Video Generator, and Text To Video Generator.

AI Video Maker – Promo Video Maker, Product Video Maker, Instagram Video Maker, Education Video Maker, Linkedin Video Maker, Text To Video Maker, Corporate Video Maker, Social Media Video Maker, Blog to Video Maker, Explainer Video Maker, Video Presentation Maker, and Facebook Video Maker.

AI Subtitles & Captions – Audio To Text, Video Transcription, Add Subtitles To Video, and Add Captions To Video.

Pictory AI Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing

7. 2short ai

2short.ai AI YouTube Shorts generator min

2short ai is a popular Opus Clip alternative and ai short generator tool. With this tool you can repurpose your long form videos 10X faster and grow your social media presence.

Its powerful AI technology analyzes the video and generates the best clips that are more likely to go viral.

It can save your valuable time and it is loved by thousands of creators and businesses.

Here are the features of 2short ai;

Versatile aspect ratios – It supports horizontal, vertical, and square aspect ratios so you can post videos on all social media platforms.

Brand presets – You can add your brand logo and overlays to give videos your unique identity.

Center stage facial tracking – It’s AI automatically puts the speaker in the spotlight and adds their face in the center of the frame.

Advanced editing tools – Editing tools give you the flexibility to make videos as per your need.

Unlimited high-quality exports – You can export videos in high quality without any waterpark.

One-click animated subtitles – With a single click, you can add engaging animated subtitles.

2short ai Plans Monthly PricingAnnual Pricing

FAQs – Best Opus Clip Alternative

What is the best Opus Clip alternative?

Flexclip and Vizard AI are best alternatives.

Is there a free alternative to Opus Clip?

Yes, you can try 2short ai, Vizard AI, Vidyo AI, FlexClip, and Pictory AI for free.

What AI tool is similar to Opus?

Vizard AI is likely similar to Opus Clip.

How do I make clips from AI?

All these tools are the best AI short clip generator tools.

Final Verdict – Best Opus Clip Alternative

So that’s all for the best Opus Clip alternative. Let us know your favorite tools in the comment box. If you have any doubts you can ask in the comment box.

As we all know in today’s era, short videos go more viral than long videos. TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts are the best short video platforms to post content and you can also repurpose your long-form videos for all your social media.

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