Best Joe Rogan Podcasts 2024 (JRE Playlists)

If you are a new listener of Joe Rogan Experience podcasts and searching for the best Joe Rogan podcasts to listen to, you clicked on the right post.

Joe Rogan has released thousands of episodes now. 

In this post, I’ve mentioned the 13 best episodes you should listen to or watch on YouTube.

What Is Joe Rogan Experience Podcast (JRE Podcast)?

best joe rogan podcasts

The Joe Rogan Experience also known as JRE is the world’s most popular podcast by a former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) commentator, television host, actor, and comedian Joe Rogan.

On his podcast, he invites guests from multiple categories and talks with them about their learnings and experiences. 

My favorite guest on his podcast till now is Elon Musk, yes you read it correct even Elon Musk appeared and discussed many interesting things.

Do you know? – In 2020, Joe Rogan and Spotify made an exclusive deal of $100 million (rumors say it’s a $200 million).

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts 2024 (JRE Playlists)

S.No.Joe Rogan Podcast Title & No.Spotify Link
1.Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon MuskListen Now
2.Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy CorbellListen Now
3.Joe Rogan Experience #1368 – Edward SnowdenListen Now
4.Joe Rogan Experience #606 – Randall CarlsonListen Now
5.Joe Rogan Experience #1554 – Kanye WestListen Now
6.Joe Rogan Experience #1284 – Graham HancockListen Now
7.Joe Rogan Experience #1409 – Joey DiazListen Now
8.Joe Rogan Experience #1512 – Ben ShapiroListen Now
9.Joe Rogan Experience #1532 – Mike TysonListen Now
10.Joe Rogan Experience #1425 – Garrett ReismanListen Now
11.Joe Rogan Experience #1411 – Robert Downey Jr.Listen Now
12.Joe Rogan Experience #1309 – Naval RavikantListen Now
13.Joe Rogan Experience #1791 – SadhguruListen Now

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts 2024 (JRE Playlists)

1. Joe Rogan Experience #1169 – Elon Musk

Guest Name – Elon Musk

Duration – 2:37:02

Streamed on – September 7, 2018

In this episode, Joe Rogan discusses with Elon Musk, he is the world’s richest man, business magnate, engineer, investor, and also an alien (He himself says it ‘just kidding’).

If you want to see the real Elon Musk, you can listen to and watch this podcast episode on YouTube and Spotify.

2. Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Guest Name – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Duration – 2:14:44

Streamed on – June 21, 2019

Bob Lazar is a famous physicist who worked at LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) in Mexico and Jeremy Corbell is a documentary filmmaker.

They talks about their documentary named “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers”.

Bob Lazar also worked at a really interesting site S-4 which is near Area 51.

3. Joe Rogan Experience #1368 – Edward Snowden

Guest Name – Edward Snowden

Duration – 2:49:31

Streamed on – October 23, 2019

Edward Snowden talks about really interesting stuff about conspiracy theories and his experience. 

Edward is an American whistleblower when he was working as an employee at the Central Intelligence Agency he copied and leaked some classified information from the National Security Agency in 2013.

4. Joe Rogan Experience #606 – Randall Carlson

Guest Name – Randall Carlson

Duration – 3:00:56

Streamed on –  February 3, 2015

This episode has over 27 million views on YouTube, Randall Carlson is a teacher, geological explorer, geomythologist, geometrician, architectural designer, and a renegade scholar.

5. Joe Rogan Experience #1554 – Kanye West

Guest Name – Kanye West

Duration – 2:57:28

Streamed on –  Oct 24, 2020

Back in 2020, Kanye West participated in the United States Presidential Election and he is a rapper, fashion designer, and record producer. You can listen to this interesting podcast episode.

6. Joe Rogan Experience #1284 – Graham Hancock

Guest Name – Graham Hancock

Duration – 2:45:28

Streamed on –  April 23, 2019

Graham Hancock is one of the most famous author, in this podcast Joe and Graham talk about the global cataclysm, Egypt, and many more things that you should listen to.

7. Joe Rogan Experience #1409 – Joey Diaz

Guest Name – Joey Diaz

Duration – 3:05:27

Streamed on – January 14, 2020

Joey is also a famous podcaster, actor, and standup comedian. He hosts the podcast named “The Church of What’s Happening Now”. You should listen to this funny episode.

8. Joe Rogan Experience #1512 – Ben Shapiro

Guest Name – Ben Shapiro

Duration – 1:43:30

Streamed on – July 23, 2020

Ben Shapiro is the host of a popular show called “The Ben Shapiro Show” and is editor-in-chief of the Daily Wire. You can enjoy its show on iTunes and SoundCloud. In this episode, they discuss The 1619 project, institutional racism, black America, and many more things.

9. Joe Rogan Experience #1532 – Mike Tyson

Guest Name – Mike Tyson

Duration – 2:04:11

Streamed on – September 4, 2020

In this episode, Joe talks with the one and only Mike Tyson who is a popular American professional boxer he also hosts a podcast named ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson. They discuss veganism, health, fitness, discipline, Genghis Khan, and many other things.

10. Joe Rogan Experience #1425 – Garrett Reisman

Guest Name – Garrett Reisman

Duration – 2:12:12

Streamed on – February 8, 2020

In this JRE podcast, Joe invited Garrett Reisman who is a Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC, Senior Advisor at SpaceX, and former NASA Astronaut.

11. Joe Rogan Experience #1411 – Robert Downey Jr.

Guest Name – Robert Downey Jr.

Duration – 1:12:19

Streamed on – January 16, 2020

Robert Downey Jr. this man doesn’t need any introduction, he is our favorite iconic superhero “Iron Man”, her is also a singer and producer. You should watch this podcast.

12. Joe Rogan Experience #1309 – Naval Ravikant

Guest Name – Naval Ravikant

Duration – 2:11:56

Streamed on – June 5, 2019

Naval Ravikant is an American entrepreneur, investor, co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList. In this podcast, they discuss about decentralized media, plastic waste, and other things that you should listen to.

13. Joe Rogan Experience #1791 – Sadhguru

Guest Name – Sadhguru

Duration – 2:50:

Streamed on – March, 2022

Sadhguru is among India’s 50 most influential people, he is a yogi and has impacted the lives of millions of people around the globe. You must listen to this episode they talk about many things that can have a positive impact on your life and you will get to know many new things about spirituality and inner peace.

FAQs Related to Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

How many Joe Rogan Experience episodes are there?

As of 1 June 2024, it has around 2159 episodes.

What is Joe Rogan’s net worth?

As per one of the reports his net worth is around $200 million.

Where can I watch The Joe Rogan Experience?

You can watch all the episodes on YouTube for free.

Is Joe Rogan’s podcast free?

Yes, all of his podcasts are free.

What is the most-watched Joe Rogan podcast?

His most popular podcast is “Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell”.


That’s all the best podcasts you can listen to of Joe Rogan, let us know your favorite episode in the comment box.

If you want me to add something to this list, comment down.

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